The conference benefits from the funding of the COST MP1209 network. This funding will be used to reimburse part of the expenses related to the conference organization and also to reimburse the travel and stay of the invited speakers.




Reimbursement rules

Reimbursement from the COST MP1209 network budget will be available for a limited number of COST MP1209 network participants as listed here under the rules of the COSTnetwork.

Reimbursement from the COST grant will cover travel costs (flights, trains, bus) and accommodation at the official conference hotel including breakfast, the lunches and dinners indicated in the programme.

Lunches, dinners and coffee breaks are provided as part of the Conference.

An additional conference fee of about 220€ (150€ for students) will need to be paid to complete registration. Since the fee is not reimbursable from the COST grant, participants are expected to cover the fee from other sources. If payment is not possible, requests should be made to costmp1209@gmail.com with a statement explaining the exceptional circumstances.

The average travel cost per person is expected to be no more than 350€. Those flying/travelling longer routes will be able to claim higher travel costs within reasonable limits.

Please be aware that COST reimburses taxi costs only at night (22:00 to 07:00), or when there is no public transportation available.

Reimbursement will happen after the conference. In particular, accommodation and meals at about 400€ for the whole week (still under discussion) will have to be paid by the participants upon arrival directly to the hotel.

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